Patio Power
Solar LED Garden and Streetlights
With USB Power for IOT Devices and Sensors

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ABC Solar Smart Patio Light

All in 1 Solar LED Patio Light
with USB Power Plug Used for Environmental Sensors

Solar landscape light all in one:

  • Unique design housing
  • MPPT controller
  • Motion sensor / Infrared
  • Sensor detect diameter: 14M
  • Recommend install height 4-5M
  • 100x100 degree beam angle,
  • Brightness & smart mode time programmable
  • Power bank: Lithium 12v 30Ah
  • 12 hours sunshine could finish charging
  • 1 full loaded battery will keep light up 7-10 nights
  • Warranty: 3 years

    $463.00 + tax and shipping
    Allow three to six weeks for delivery

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    Torrance, CA 90505

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    About ABC Solar Incorporated

    ABC Solar Smart Streetlight

    All in 1 Solar LED Street Light
    with USB Power Plug Used for Environmental Sensors

  • Power: 50W Monocrystilline Solar Panel
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery Capacity: 12v 50ah
  • LED Chip: Philips Lumileds
  • Light efficiency: 160lm/w
  • CCT: 3000/4000/5000/5700/6500K
  • CRI:Ra75-80
  • Beam angle: 150x65°
  • IP65
  • Proximity sensor registers walker: Full power 100%
  • Walker left 10 seconds transform into smart mode
  • Brightness of Smart mode: 10%
  • Operating time: full power>36 hours, smart mode 10-15 days.

    $678.00 + tax and shipping
    Allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery

  • The ABC Solar Use Case Studies

  • IOT Weather Station
  • IOT Valve Control
  • IOT GPS/GSM Location
  • IOT Dashboard Technology
  • IOT Cameras
  • IOT Mesh Network
  • IOT Cellular Reporting
  • IOT Sensor Gateways

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